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Help get Chris into Teen People!!


calling all Chris fans! This is straight from Chris's Official Street Team. We need as many people as possible to email Teen People and ask them to put Chris in their mag. Here's how to do it:

1) Go to Scroll to the bottom and click
customer service (bottom right). Then on the left hand side towards
the bottom of the light blue column, click on email us.
2)Fill out the form (They ask for your address, so chances are
that they will send you some snail mail about buying a subscription
to thier magazine)
3) Click Letter to the Editor and if you want, also click 'Do not
provide my email to any 3rd parties' and 'do not contact me with
email offers for Time, etc.
4) Write a personal letter about why you like Chris and why you
want him to be in Teen People. Please do not mention Radio Disney.
Also, be sure to mention that any questions or requests for
materials like an official biography, resume, music, or official
photos can be emailed to . Be respectful and
creative in your letters; We want to make a good impression.

Alright! Let's get emailing! (my promo group for Chris) (Chris's Official ST)

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